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Real estate trade isn’t a kid’s play. Without proper knowledge on the field, there is no guarantee success at all. For that reason, it is important for those who are working in real estate trade to learn what they need to know through proper education or training. Where? If it is in Nevada, then Key Realty School will be the answer. is the premier Nevada real estate school. Specialized on delivering real estate and business related education, there is no other place to learn such things better than this one in Nevada. Even, started from 2004, it spread its wing to a wider horizon outside Nevada. Because of that, now it is also available in Oklahoma, Hawaii, Arizona, Alaska, Utah, and California.

Since its founding in 1991 till now, it has educated more than 50,000 students through its course. Those who have passed their education here are ensured to get better in practice on the field as well as getting licensed for their career needs. The courses that are offered here including real estate, appraisal, business broker, mortgage lending, property management, time share, association management, and inspection. These courses are available not only as pre-licensing education, but also as post licensing and continuing education.

Pipeline Management for Mortgages Explained

Pipeline Management for Mortgages ExplainedPipeline management is a sales process that recognizes the various stages of deals as they go from conversion to completion. Imagine a pipe where a mortgage applicant who has agreed to your terms enters on one end and ultimately exits on the other end once the deal has closed. Now imagine this same pipe with your entire organization’s current and pending deals moving through it. With multiple transactions in the pipeline, it becomes possible to predict cash flow as well as set sales goals using loan risk analytics.  A well-managed pipeline can keep your organization on track to meet those goals.

How Mortgage Pipelines Can Be Used to Predict Cash Flow

With multiple deals in the pipeline, all with different values and close dates, you can use this data to predict how much money your firm will make on a certain date such as month end. On a small scale, say three of four transactions, this information is easy to calculate manually or by using a spreadsheet. For example, if you have a deal closing on the 5th, 15th, and 28th with each netting $15,000, you can quickly figure out that by month end, you will have netted $45,000. However, on a larger scale, such as dozens or hundreds of loans, specialized mortgage pipeline management software is usually required. (Source: NYLX Mortgage Loan Servicing Software)

How Mortgage Pipelines Can be Used to Set Sales Goals

Like a water pipe, your mortgage pipeline should have a steady flow of transactions coming in one end and exiting the other. You can use mortgage software to determine the number of new mortgage deals you need to enter the pipeline each day or week in order to meet a specific monthly, quarterly, or yearly goal. Once you know that figure, you can determine how many mortgage leads you need to generate in order to close that many deals based on your sales team’s closing ratio.

Mortgage pipeline management is a valuable sales process that can keep your firm on track to make a profit consistently.