• It Is Always A Great Idea To Invest In Your Community


    Whether you are an investor looking for something worthy or you simply want to do something for the world that is in your immediate surroundings, you will always find that there is a lot of good to be had when it comes to investing in your community. Not only can you take on the task of doing something for your own conscious, but there will also be a lot of environmental and social benefits when you put your community on the top of your priority list. The more you look into what can be done, the easier it will be for your to keep paying it forward in your local area. You can checkout different ideas on the web as to how you can best contribute.

    Community investing will often directly address a lot of common problems that are prevalent in most areas today. This includes rural poverty, the decline of public health, urban decay, lack of after school programs and so much more. There is a link between all of these factors. Taking on local challenges will be both beneficial for your business and the people in the region, but it can also be a great way to invest with your heart and do something that will be able to foster change from the ground up.

    You can get started on a new community venture simply by looking into some of the organizations in your local area. Invest time by volunteering or if you have money that you can invest, look into starting funds for repairs on your schools in the area or even putting up a community center. There is always something that can be done that will help you to build a brighter future for your family, your friends and your coworkers and other generations to come when you take the time to look at what can be done today for change in your community and your surroundings.



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  • Location

    Georgetown is the northern most “gateway” to the gently rolling hills of Central Texas. While Georgetown offers the amenities and charm of a small community rooted in values of days gone by, it’s strategically and centrally located in the middle of the four major metropolitan areas of Texas. Austin is 26 miles south, Dallas is two hours north, Houston is two hours southeast and San Antonio is one-and-a-half hours south, placing Georgetown in a very advantageous position for cultural and economic development. Access to Georgetown via the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the north/south highway artery of Interstate 35, and the east/west highway artery of Highway 29 make traveling to and from Georgetown easy.

    The climate in Central Texas is generally mild year-round, with rainy Falls and Springs, dry Summers and moderate Winters. The temperate climate nurtures abundant wildlife, beautiful trees and plant life, and encourages outdoor recreation.

    Being located in one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, Georgetown attracts the very brightest in the healthcare and education arenas. Housing opportunities are available to meet whatever your lifestyle may be. Historic homes, modern homes on large wooded lots, or a dream home in the Texas Hill Country are some of the many options available.

    While farming and ranching are still prevalent in the area, tourism, retail sales, the high tech industry, and light manufacturing are flourishing in the area.

    Georgetown… strategically located in Central Texas!